DRM, Inc. Kicks Off 2016 with Development Agreement

March 15, 2016 –OMAHA — Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. (ARG), parent company of the franchisor of the Arby’s brand, has announced the signing of several recent franchise development agreements beginning late Q4 2015 through today, for the development of 138 new restaurants.

DRM, Inc., a local Arby’s franchise, owned by Matt & Marc Johnson, committed to opening 25 of these new restaurants across Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Illinois over the next seven years. This expansion allows the company to offer new jobs in these areas and enhance the opportunities of current team members.

We are very excited to continue our investment in the Arby’s brand. For over 32 years we have worked hard to grow Arby’s Restaurants in order to create new opportunities for DRM and our amazing team.  Arby’s continued success in product innovation, exceptional operations, modern building designs and excellent marketing strategies are a great reason to be with the brand and to build new stores in the markets where we operate. – Marc Johnson, President and COO

“After 32 years, our purpose remains the same; provide exceptional service to every guest, allowing us to be a profitable and growing company. Our team is our greatest asset and our vision for growth is a reflection of their willingness to grow with us. Additionally, the leadership momentum from Arby’s is driving our marketing and product innovation forward, creating an atmosphere of collaboration that’s firing on all cylinders. Now is the time to invest in the Arby’s brand!” – Matt Johnson, President and CEO